Metallic Thread

Metallic thread - also known as metallic floss - is often used to add glimmer and shine to embroidery projects. One of its key benefits is its eye-catching characteristics. The metallic sheen has a unique and attention-grabbing appearance, helping it stand out and adding a hint of luxury to your clothing, decor, jewelry, or artwork.

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More About Metallic Thread

Made from strong, superior quality materials, metallic embroidery thread is very durable. It is available in a range of colors and textures and is highly versatile - it can be used in a wide range of creative applications. Metallic thread is often used to create intricate and detailed designs, as well as larger and bolder motifs. It can be paired with other types of thread, such as cotton, silk or velvet, to create a unique blend of weaves and tones. Finally, metallic thread is easy to work with. This makes it useful for both beginner and advanced embroiderers. It can be incorporated in a range of techniques - including satin stitch, cross-stitch, and backstitch - to produce a wide spectrum of effects and textures. Whether you're adding subtle highlights or bold accents, metallic embroidery thread will help you create striking and beautiful designs. If you want to add shimmer and shine to your next project, our high quality metallic embroidery thread is available in a range of colors and textures. Shop now!

Polyneon Thread

If Metallic Thread isn't right for your application, take a look at our selection of Polyneon Threads. Regardless of your needs, Advon has the thread to properly supply your embroidery application!

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