Polyneon Thread

Madeira's 100% polyester machine embroidery thread, Polyneon is constructed of a specially developed raw material which eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. Suitable for almost any embroidered application, extremely durable and smooth running.

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More About Polyneon Thread

Polyneon thread is an entirely polyester thread nearly perfect for embroidery. Madeira’s specialty Polyneon thread is created from raw materials that help it become resistant to looping, puckering and thread breaks. This helps the embroidery process become much more efficient and reduces production stoppages thanks to these benefits of the thread. Polyneon is one of the best universal threads that can work in any embroidery situation.

In addition to the resistance of thread breaks, this thread is very smooth running in its embroidery application, further keeping the use of this thread as an efficient operation. The formula is also quite durable in keeping with the resistance to thread breaks. Once the thread is applied, it is quite resistant to tearing or breaking and altering even the most intricate and detailed design.

The color options are quite fantastic for Polyneon threads. The colors are always very vibrant and definitive. They produce a shiny finish in their application and as an added bonus, they are resistant to bleach, good for garments that are run through a more intense wear pattern over time.

Rayon Thread

If Polyneon Thread isn't right for your embroidery application, consider our other popular thread, Rayon. Learn more about that thread type below.

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