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Chako Ace Disappearing Marking Pen

Chako Ace Disappearing Marking Pen

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White temporary marking pen vanishes on its own.

Use to temporarily mark dark and medium-dark colored garments and other embroiderable items. This handy disappearing pen writes clear and turns white within a few seconds. Perfect for design placement marking either prior to or after hooping. Also useful for pattern tracing. Compatible with most fabrics. Be sure to test on an inconspicuous spot prior to using on main area of garment. Disappears on its own over time. Can be removed with water or heat from an iron for quick removal. Length of time to disappear on its own is dependent on the type of material and the environmental conditions.


  • Chako Ace® White-A
  • Temporary marking pen
  • Color: White (writes clear, turns white)
  • Thick pointed tip
  • 4.75” long
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